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For a stronger Baltimore

As the largest private anchor institution for Baltimore City, Johns Hopkins — including The Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System — embraces our role as an economic engine to create lasting opportunities in our city.

HopkinsLocal is a firm commitment to leverage Johns Hopkins’ economic power to expand participation of local and minority-owned businesses in construction opportunities; increase our hiring of city residents, with a focus on neighborhoods in need of job opportunities; and enhance economic growth, employment, and investment in Baltimore through our purchasing activities.

Through HopkinsLocal, Johns Hopkins will build on our existing community partnerships, projects with city schools, and job training programs to sustain healthier, safer, and more vibrant communities.


HopkinsLocal in Action

HopkinsLocal builds on Johns Hopkins’ long-standing commitment to Baltimore by outlining specific economic goals that ensure it is looking to the city when it builds, hires, and buys.

Johns Hopkins has a strategic partnership with Project JumpStart, a training program that teaches construction skills to city residents.

Gundalow Gourmet’s relationship with Johns Hopkins has led to more catering jobs and new connections.

Clayton Smith left his job driving trucks and began work at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he's training to become a nurse.

A new progress report shows that Johns Hopkins’ exceeded goals to create economic opportunity through construction, hiring, and purchasing.


Expanding opportunities in design and construction

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Hiring locally, supporting diversity, and creating opportunities for advancement.

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Utilizing as many local resources as possible, especially minority- and women-owned businesses.

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Since the launch of our HopkinsLocal economic inclusion initiative in 2015, we have been committed to reporting our progress toward the goals we set: to spend more in Baltimore City and with women- and minority-owned businesses, and to create more job opportunities for city residents.

Ronald J. Daniels President, Johns Hopkins University

Kevin W. Sowers President, Johns Hopkins Health System
Executive Vice President, Johns Hopkins Medicine

About HopkinsLocal

HopkinsLocal is a commitment by Johns Hopkins – which includes Johns Hopkins University and Health System – to leverage its role as the largest private anchor institution in Baltimore to create lasting economic opportunities in the city.

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