Buy Goals

Johns Hopkins procurement teams have increased the amount the institutions spend on goods and services from city vendors each year of the HopkinsLocal program. The goal for FY22 is to identify an expanded set of categories to measure and further increase spending in all identified categories with local businesses—with an emphasis on minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned companies—by $25 million. The teams will use $126 million in FY18 spending as a baseline.

In addition, the university and health system plan to:

  1. Increase outreach to local, minority, and women-owned businesses and engage them in the competitive bidding process.
  2. Cultivate local minority firms by leveraging existing community partnerships and expertise of the Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and the Carey School of Business.
  3. Develop and partner in sponsoring BUY workshops for vendors to support them in developing proposals and supporting the broader Baltimore city small business ecosystem.
  4. Maintain 24 active development plans to include reviewing the progress of those plans on a quarterly basis and capturing outcome measures such as jobs created or offices moved.
  5. Identify a select number of local vendors to scale over time to serve and meet the needs of Johns Hopkins.
  6. Launch a HopkinsLocal advocacy awards campaign.
  7. Develop goals for each division that will be “owned” by divisional leadership.
  8. Update the vendor guide for Johns Hopkins employees.
  9. Institute and implement new policies/procedures and technologies to improve the monitoring of MBE and LBE participation on projects and hold prime vendors accountable for achieving inclusion goals required in contracts.