HopkinsLocal Goals

In early 2020, Johns Hopkins, which includes Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System, outlined its goals for supporting economic inclusion in the City of Baltimore through fiscal year 2022. The institutions committed to:

  • Increase local hiring from focus-area neighborhoods in selected roles to 50 percent and nurture the career advancement and growth of these employees.
  • Expand targeted positions to include mid-level and higher paying jobs, and expand the focus-area neighborhoods to also include the 21239, 21214 and 21229 ZIP codes.
  • Increase access to employment opportunities for citizens with criminal records.
  • Increase spending with Baltimore businesses by $25 million, with an emphasis on minority-owned, women-owned, and veteran-owned companies.
  • Commit 20 percent of addressable construction spending with certified minority-owned, women-owned, disadvantaged businesses.
  • Commit 13 percent of addressable construction spending with Baltimore City businesses.
  • Assign at least $75 million of Johns Hopkins’ endowment to be managed by a minority-owned firm.

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