Developing goals

The development of HopkinsLocal goals starts with determining the desired community impact. From there, teams of university leaders and area experts take a number of steps:

  1. Set baselines: review data to understand current expenditures and hiring
  2. Review resources and opportunities:
    • Review spending and determine what is and is not addressable, i.e. could be supplied by the local market
    • Review hiring trends to date, determine best job types given demographics of the focus area zip codes, i.e. generally higher levels of poverty, lower educational attainment, shorter job histories
    • Understand staff resources and work assignments
    • Understand community resources to help support goal achievement
  3. Set goals: choose ones that are a stretch, but within reason
  4. Determine metrics for evaluation of progress on goals, such as the number of hires or the amount of money spent.
  5. Gather data, such as demographics, returning citizen hires, minority supplier certifications, wage data, position type, and others.