Invest and Treasury Goals

Starting in FY20, Johns Hopkins is setting a goal for its investments that reflects HopkinsLocal’s commitment to creating economic opportunities in Baltimore.

The university started working on this area in FY19 by hiring an independent investment management firm with a Baltimore office. That firm will manage a multi-million dollar investment that is part of the university’s endowment.

Since then, the goals have expanded to include:

  1. Increase the investment of the Johns Hopkins endowment with diverse and women-owned investment firms by $150 million
  2. Partner with our Baltimore-based banking relationships to support small minority-owned businesses participating in Johns Hopkins-sponsored programs, including access to capital
  3. Establish a relationship with at least one minority investment bank to be considered as a member of the deal team for future public debt market transactions 
  4. Expand working relationships with financial service partners focused on financial wellness (employees and community)